About Us

W4 Productions was founded in 2002 by Lis Long.

We offer coaching and consultancy services to business and professional leaders: to help you clarify your own capabilities, abilities and potential, to identify your people’s strengths and potential, and to find ways to develop and use that potential to its fullest extent in building outstanding businesses and fulfilling careers.

Our people have a strong track record, both academic and professional, and they share many years’ experience gained whilst working in some of the world’s most professional businesses. Their understanding of management and organisation development in a business context helps them generate solutions based on both intellectual rigour and practical experience.

We work in accordance with our strongly-held principles.  This approach has led to business we love doing, enthusiastic, committed consultants, thoroughly satisfied clients and to a very high proportion of repeat and referral business.

We are, and plan to remain, a small organisation, but we still manage to work across the globe and with some of the world’s leading companies and most talented people.

Why use a small firm?

The benefits of large consultancies are clear: well-known name and brand, good people, range and quality of experience, strong administrative support and often a worldwide network of offices.  However, the excellent small firm has its own special strengths to offer:

  • Almost invariably, the person actually doing the work will be the person who came to see you to discuss the project. She or he will be expert and experienced in the area, with no agenda other than to get on with the job and to do it as well as possible.
  • You have the opportunity to build a strong working relationship with this person, confident that he or she will not be delegating the real work to someone else and moving on to the next project.
  • Communication is regular, simple and staraightforward.  And the fees – for the same calibre of consultant and quality of work – will usually compare very favourably with those of larger organisations with a big overhead to sustain.


“Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly.”   St. Francis de Sales