“I have worked with Lis for more than ten years and it has always been inspiring to work with her.  She has a natural coaching style, but what makes her different from most coaches is her rich experience of working in a large corporate organisation, recruiting and managing people in a corporate environment, founding, growing and leading her own business – and life in general.

“She has the ability to listen and ask questions to get to the nub of a situation. Her questions get you to think hard and to think laterally. This, combined with her ability to offer insightful perspectives based on her considerable experience, make her a powerful coach.

“The kinds of issues Lis has helped me work through have been: careers advice,  setting up and growing my business,  recruiting high calibre people,  managing my team – including dealing with difficult relationships – and leading people through difficult times.  I have referred many people to Lis over the years, and they have always come back with positive reviews of their work with her.” Katherine Woods, Founder, Meeting Magic Ltd.

“Lis has a strong reputation as a talent spotter and developer of people, and I consider myself fortunate to have worked for her for 7 years. I took away with me skills and confidence that launched me on a career path that I’m still on today. She never held back from giving me the feedback I needed, even when it was difficult: something I valued enormously, and which is very rare in my experience. The qualities and skills I most admire about Lis are her penetrating intellect, her uncanny ability to read people and situations, her adherence to values and principles she believes in, her judgement, her compassion, her commitment to quality and her zest for life”.  Thomas Board, SVP Human Resources, Grohe AG.

“Every parent wants a great career for their children. However, it isn’t always easy to help them think through their options. My daughter says: “Lis really helped me take a step back from all my career worries. She helped me think about exactly where I want to be and what I want to do. She made me feel at ease; able to talk about what matters to me and what it is that drives me. She helped me think of new ways I could present my CV to highlight what it is that really sets me apart. Above all, she offered an inspiring sense of clarity, helped me to realise my potential, and got me to think about the things I could be doing to complement my chosen career path.”  Steve Murphy, Managing Director, AoEC, China.

“My coaching sessions with Lis have been exceptionally productive. Lis asks incisive questions which strike home and really make you think about yourself. Then she encourages action by focusing on concrete goals. My approach to my business life has changed way beyond what I expected. I’d say she’s outstanding.”  Simon Clark, Director, ITMPL.