We do our best to offer top quality client service, and so we align ourselves and our work with these principles:

Building on strength

In all our coaching and consulting work, we always start with strengths:  identifying what is working well – in individuals, in teams and in organisations – and planning how to do it more and more often.  Finding ways of  working with what people are already good at and what motivates and energises them, is, in our view, the most promising way of building world-class talent in world-class organisations.


We aim to deliver work of such excellence that people will always want to come back for more. This excellence should be seen in the quality of our thinking, the quality of our client service and the quality of presentation of ourselves and our work.

Client Focus

We aim to ensure that every piece of work meets our clients’  specific needs. We do not, therefore, offer standard ‘products’ – every piece of work, however often we may have done something like it before,  is tailored to fit your current, specific needs.

We take time and trouble to understand in detail what you want, we regularly review our own performance and ask for feedback, and we try to build long-term relationships so that we can continually improve our understanding and the quality of our work.


In order for us to do the best work of which we are capable, we choose carefully the work that we do.  We only take on work that matches our strengths and our professional interests and enthusiasms.  If we think that other people can offer a better service on a particular piece of work then we will tell you so and recommend them.

As coaches, we subscribe to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council’s code of ethics.


“I do not try to dance better than anyone else.  I only try to dance better than myself.”    Mikhail Baryshnikov