Everyone, even the most successful business leader – perhaps especially the most successful leader – needs to talk to someone sometimes:  someone outside their own immediate circle who will bring an open and clear mind to bear on issues and who will help clients clarify their thinking, understand their own motivations and develop their strengths and skills.

Coaching is, more than anything else, about change:  helping people to review where they are and what they want to achieve, decide on a direction, make a plan and not only get started but stick at it – whatever it is –  until it’s done and  firmly embedded.

That is what we offer people: the time, mental space and supportive environment to create measurable, sustainable improvements in clarity, confidence and performance in their careers.

We work most often with

  • People from whatever background who are facing  a significant career decision
  • Highly talented women – to help them use their potential to its fullest extent and gain the right career development opportunities.

The common factor is our strong belief in encouraging people to work with the grain, not against it: using and building on their natural strengths in whatever occupation or business they find themselves in. Doing what you naturally do well and what you care strongly about is, in our opinion, the surest way to a successful business and to a fulfilling career.

The teacher, if he is indeed wise, does not bid you to enter the house of wisdom, but leads you to the threshold of your own mind.

Khalil Gibran