Case study: Doubling up

Client and context.  The client was an international consumer goods company that had just completed a major merger. As part of the post-merger integration process the role of country manager changed significantly, doubling in both scope and scale.

Project. We were asked to coach a number of the country managers as they took over their new roles and started setting up their markets.  The first two days of intensive coaching took place in-market and these were followed by one-to-one sessions over the next few months, either in person or on the telephone.

Issues. The issues included:

  • Transitioning to new roles for both the managers and their direct reports
  • Understanding the strengths and capability of their new team
  • Building challenging but achievable business plans for the region and inspiring the team to achieve them
  • Adjusting their management style to fit the demands of the new organisation
  • Maintaining engagement after a period of upheaval amongst those who stayed and supporting those who were leaving the team or the company.

Outcomes. The people we coached all reported a much smoother, faster and more seamless transition to their new jobs than they had expected. They got going quickly in their new roles and embarked on the reorganisation with high morale and enthusiasm  – as well as improving their own skills and confidence significantly.