The Step-up Programme

Step-Up is a tailored programme designed to help female managers, especially those in large organisations, to achieve their full personal and career potential.

We do this with a structured set of individual coaching sessions and group workshops, spread over several months.

The programme helps participants:

  • Identify their unique combination of skills, strengths and experience
  • Work out where and how to focus their career development
  • Build their confidence, their strategic thinking ability and their ability to influence people
  • Harness their drive to succeed by not only developing themselves but also building their profile, their confidence and their professional network inside and outside the organisation.

How people have responded:

  • You gave me the perspective to see what I wanted and the confidence to ask for it
  • The course has given me greater confidence in the workplace. I recognize I have something to offer, understand my USP and  hence feel I can contribute and put myself forward
  • Having a network of people around me going through similar experiences gave me a real uplift in confidence and a belief in my abilities
  • I really enjoyed it, and it signalled a really positive message to me that [the company] was willing to invest in me and they wanted me to reach the next step.
  • Increasingly people know who I am and what I do. I now realise that knowing your personal brand is really important in building your confidence and gaining the confidence of others
  • A great opportunity to spend quality time focusing on my own development, something I often overlooked due to work commitments.